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 The Book of Goodbyes wins the James Laughlin Award from the Academy of American Poets. Available from  BOA Editions.

"This is a brilliant book ultimately about connection." 

Starred Review,  Publishers Weekly


" ... an intriguing dip into magical realism"   Charleston City Paper


"The Book of Goodbyes is not merely the topical--infidelity, waning affection, disability and the responses thereto, self-identity and self-realization--but also a take on alienation that implicitly indicts all of us."  The Huffington Post







JAN 31    Vin Master Wine Bar, Charlotte @ 7 


FEB 10    KGB Bar, New York @ 7 w/ Latasha N. Nevada Diggs


FEB 14    Poetry Society of SC, Charleston @ 7 w/ Josh Bell  


FEB 28    Book Signing at AWP Book Fair, BOA Editions Table @ 2 pm 


APR  7    The University of West Georgia, Carrolton


JUL 11   Writing in Place Conference, Hub City Books, Spartanburg


SEPT 21  BOA's Annual Dine & Rhyme, Rochester @ 3:30 pm


 NOV 1    Reading at Marfa Book Company  





Publishers Weekly: "Charged and daring . . . an agile and powerful poet."


The L.A. Times"Fearless dissection of the taboo and the hidden."


The Atlanta-Journal Constitution: "Weise is interested in big ideas: genetic ethics, self-esteem, slippery slopes . . . But mostly her world feels like ours, largely because she anchors her out-there ideas with very real emotions."


The Portland Mercury: "There aren't enough books like Jillian Weise's The Colony. With its casual rejection of genre lines, bracingly contemporary voice, and a premise that's both extended metaphor and compelling narrative in its own right, The Colony is a refreshingly idiosyncratic debut.

Strange Horizons"The Colony is a novel in which science can be literally miraculous."